Galette Party 

On wednesdays, at Loft Stop Café or outside on the terrace if the weather is nice, for lunch or dinner, we present you the buckwheat pancakes party, all you can eat for only 150.000 VND.

Garnished at choice: ham with cheese and egg, mushrooms, bluecheese, seafood, savoy style, indian, vegetarian, beefguez, etc…
Bottles of Britanny cider available ! 

Jazz Night

You asked us for a casual place to relax and mingle with friends after a long day of work. You told us you wanted some good jazz to take your mind off mid-week stress.

In response to all your requests we are hold the Jazz Night with Domino Jazz band at Millenium (Cafe des Arts) on our beautiful Terrace. For these exceptional events, we invite you to grab some friends and join us for a great night of music, food and wine. 

Check and suscribe on our facebook page to know about the dates !

Please for your reservation: Mr. Gérard Gastel: 0904134490